Friday, February 25, 2011

Get Packing! RESQ72

Tonight is the first night of Virtual Stamping Night over on Splitcoaststampers! I am hostessing a challenge tonight...come on over and check it out!

We are moving over the summer from New York to Florida! I am looking forward to nice weather all year round but until then I have to face something I despise....PACKING! I have a bad back so I am always in fear of causing more injury by packing and lifting boxes.

For your challenge this week, I want to see BOXES! You can make a square card, or use a square/rectangle die cut or just use some kind of square/rectangle on your creation!

Here is my sample:

I used rectangles of patterned paper for mine...super easy!
recipe: stamps- Papertrey ink Signature Greetings
Paper- SU DP, unk scraps, tempting turquoise, black
ink- PTI fresh snow
accessories- PTI die, pearls

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Don't be S.A.D. RESQ71

AT this time of the year we all say it...."Oh this weather is DEPRESSING!" But did you know there is an actual syndrome to prove it?

It's called Seasonal Affective Disorder, or S.A.D. for short. Symptoms include:

1. sleep problems- oversleeping but not refreshed, needing a nap in the afternoon, cannot get out of bed
2. overeating- craving carbs and gaining weight
3. depression, despair, misery, guilt, anxiety- normal tasks become difficult
4. family/social problems- avoiding company, irritability, loss of libido
5. lethargy- too tired to cope, everything in effort
6. physical symptoms- often joint pain and/or stomach problems, lower resistance to infections

The problem comes from lack of bright light in winter. Researchers have proved that bright light makes a difference to the brain chemistry, but why some people suffer and others don't is still unclear.

The treatment is obviously...BRIGHT light! You need at least a 2500lux (lux is the technical measure of brightness) which is roughly 5 times brighter than a well lit office. Also, LED lights, lightboxes and sunlight simulator lamps are useful.

**Ok, now these are severe cases of people and if you feel you have any of the above symptoms, I strongly encourage you to seek professional help.

So how do WE handle this lack of bright light and the winter blues???

I'm so glad you asked.....You have a challenge! LOL This week's challenge is to beat the S.A.D. in your life and make a project with something that makes YOU happy! You can use a picture of your kids, hubby or dog, make a Valentine for a friend, use a beach scene to remind you of summer vacation, or make a celebration card to remind you of the things in life that are important! Anything that makes YOU happy works here!

Here is my HAPPY Happy BIRTHDAY card!:

What makes me happy about this card is the vellum strip and the background...the vellum strip because I NEVER use vellum and I did this for a Papertrey challenge and I Love how it came out...and the background because instead of pulling out a separate BG stamp, I used the cake square instead! Cool, huh?

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Heart Sounds RESQ70

Valentine's Day is on the way and I have been thinking about our today's challenge comes from our resident Cardiologist!

Heart murmurs are fairly common...I have one and so does my Dad. You know your heart sound like this: lub-dub, lub-dub...well, with a heart murmur your heart beat sound more like lub-dub whoosh, lub-dub whoosh.....

A murmur is usually present when there is a heart valve problem. The doctor will perform a variety of tests to determine what kind of valve problem you have and if the valve problem is serious. Some of the tests performed are: an echocardiogram, an electrocardiogram, a chest x-ray, or cardiac catheterization.

Most of the time heart murmurs are normal and do not indicate that there is anything wrong with the heart. However, talk with your doctor about treatments and precautions.

There are two main types of heart murmurs: diastolic and systolic. A diastolic murmur occurs when the heart muscle relaxes between beats. It occurs after the second heart sound. A systolic murmur occurs between the first and second heart sounds.

SO, in honor of all those out there like me with a heart murmur, I want to see projects with lots of words...murmurs if you will....murmurs of LOVE! You can use a sentiment as a focal point, cut out words, an all word card using my favorite site long as there is a lot of words on it! Show me the LOVE!

Here is my murmur of LOVE:

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Grey Matter RESQ69

The brain is our most complex but least understood organ. One of the great mysteries lies in the GREY matter. The senses of the body (speech, hearing, feelings, seeing and memory) and control of the body's muscles are part of the grey matter's function. But the amount and distribution of the grey matter shapes a one's personality, higher order thinking, and memory.

For this week's challenge, use your GREY matter and create something with GREY as the dominant color! Go to your favorite color combo and replace the black or brown with grey. use metallic silver embossing or even metal embellishments. Just let me see the GREY!

Here is my Grey creation:

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