Monday, November 9, 2009


The physiologist is back on duty with another sketch for you! A pretty easy sketch so I had to make a little twist for you....

In most Anatomy and Physiology textbooks the pictures are somewhat standard ...specifically colors of things, like internal organs. For some reason arteries (carrying oxygen filled blood) are always RED, and veins (carrying blood filled with carbon dioxide) are always BLUE. For example, take a look at this diagram of the heart and lungs... honor of your circulatory system, use this sketch ...

and the colors red and blue or any shades of them. You may also use as many neutrals as you like.

Use keyword RESQ22 when uploading in online galleries so we can all see your creations! You may even be featured here on Res-Q in our Res-Q'd gallery!

Thanks for playing!

Here is my sample:
Thanks for playing and Happy Veteran's Day!


  1. I see our blog is fixed. Wahooooo! Good sketch and challenge, D.!

  2. Interesting sketch challenge, D. I'll think about what I might come up with...

  3. here is mine on my blog:

  4. I needed a thank-you card for a father who went on a field trip with us this week, and I had a terrible time finding a masculine looking thank-you card. All my thank-you cards were flowery and feminine. So I took this opportunity to use a more manly color scheme for a thank-you. Here's my card:

  5. Finally got this one done tonight! Fun challenge, D!


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