Friday, May 7, 2010

Oh no! Not Hospital GOWNS!

Don't you just hate hospital gowns? I have had quite a few trips in and out of the hospital myself and one thing that I always do is bring my own clothes. I know the nurses hate it but it's the one little thing that makes me comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. And besides, the hospital gowns are THE WORST! Not to mention your booty hangs out....;)

So, I was thinking as I passed my hand over all the gorgeous new fabrics at my craft store today, what if they made hospital gowns look GOOD? Take this awesome fabric I bright and cheery, and NON-hospital gown-ish at all.

For today's challenge, make something that looks not so great (a hospital gown) and make it look awesome by changing the colors and pattern. You can re-do one of your old cards, find a postcard you got in the junk mail and make it pretty, whatever! Or, just make a card inspired by this awesome fabric!

** I'll be back with my sample, this week end has been hectic!***

And don't forget to use the linking tool below to link us to your creation and if you're uploading to an online gallery, use the keyword or tag RESQ44.

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