Friday, June 25, 2010


Everyone remembers this ad with the cutie girl and her famous "sunburn!" Well, when summer comes it is one thing I try hard to avoid! While I am half Sicilian and half Southern Italian (yes they are both Italian technically, but Sicilians like to think they are different!) and should get nice and dark brown like the rest of my family, sadly I do not. I am very fair and bun all the time! So to avoid problems I use lots of sunblock.

SO for today's challenge I want to see some in in Emboss Resist! I haven't done any resist for a while and I felt the need to break out my embossing powders!

Here is my sample (sorry it's so late...I'm fighting bronchitis!)

As always, use the keyword RESQ51 when posting to an online gallery or just link it up right here!

Thanks for stopping by!
*I'll add my card as soon as I get back from my baby's graduation!

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  1. Denise, what a beautiful card! I can't believe I have held out on getting that what you did with it.


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