Sunday, October 17, 2010

Break time...

Since there were only 2 participants for this contest I will send a gift certificate to both of them .... you for playing!

I will be taking a break from RESQ Challenge for the rest of the month. I need to regroup and come up with some new challenge ideas. Any ideas are welcome of course.... Thanks to all who have supported me this past year here on RESQ...Happy Halloween!


  1. I understand the need for a break, but hope that you'll continue the challenges. I didn't play last time because I was away. I know I don't play every time, but do so when I can x

  2. Hope you go on with the challenges. I just discovered this one a little while ago.
    But it's so busy at my work that I just don't have the time to play all the challenges I want... Fortunately for me I have autumn-break next week.
    Happy Halloween and I really hope you come back! :)

  3. Happy Halloween!
    Hope to see you back here again. Your challenges are in a total other leaugue (sp?) than other blogs. Although I don't always play along, I do come to see what the challenge is.

  4. How are you?
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you come back soon!


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