Friday, January 21, 2011

Ouch my Bunions hurt! RESQ67

OK my bunions hurt!
Its time to visit the good old podiatrist (actually mine is super young and even cute!)...

A bunion is when your big toe points towards the second toe. This causes a bump on the inside edge of your toe.

**Did you know....bunions are most commonly seen in women and tend to run in families! So go take a good look at your Mom's feet and then take the proper precautions:

1. wear proper fitting shoes
2. take a break from pointy toed heels and let your feet stretch out in some Crocs or Uggs
3. Go get that pedicure you have been aching for! LOL

So for today's challenge, let's see your Bunions...I mean BUMPS.... Dry embossing please, and lots of it! Let me see you break out your stencils or your cuttlebug folders (if you are like me you have a ton that you have never even used!), let's see you rub some chalk over the tops, run the sandpaper over it....let me see your bumps!

Here is my bumpy Valentine!

Don't forget to use the keyword RESQ67 if you are uploading to a public gallery or use the inlinx below:

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  1. Not from Mom, Dad!! Both feet! Not a happy camper with plantar's Fasciitis as well. Must have done somethin' bad ina previous life!! LOL! Love your bumpy card!

  2. Gotta love when you have a hottie Dr. My dentist is a hottie (and he's over 50!). Thanks for the challenge and good luck with your bunions!

  3. Thanks .. glad to find your challenge and HOPE those bunions stop hurting!!


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