Friday, March 25, 2011

Scrub it up! RESQ75

I have always loved scrubs. My Mom is a nurse and even though she hated the white or blue things, she always looked sooo comfortable when she went to work! Nowadays, scrubs are really pretty looking! My friend who is a Cardiac nurse always has the prettiest tops and always looks great! I just took a peek at one website (there are a ton!) and picked out a few fresh, springy looking ones.

Choose one of the scrub tops above as your can use the color combos, style, flowers, whatever! Just let us know in your post which one you chose.

Here is mine based on the 3rd one. I used the trendy, color combo of grey, lime and white:

Don't forget to use the keyword RESQ75 if you are uploading to an online gallery, or use the inlinx below:

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