Monday, March 23, 2009

Our FIRST Challenge!

The theme for March is:

We are celebrating the start of this new venture and hope you hang around to see where it all goes!

The first challenge is from Jean (naturecoastcrafter):

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

I love scavenger hunts so I tried to figure out a way to do a faux one here.

Depending on your birth month, go to each of the following galleries (they should be linked) and choose the listed item. Use that item to spark your mojo and combine your collected items to create your project--card, page, altered item, whatever.

Birthdays in January through June:

casep ..... and scavenge for a color combination
resqbarbie ..... and scavenge for a sketch
LuvLee ..... and scavenge for stamps or image (anything close to what you have)
jacqueline ..... and scavenge for accessories or DP (like a ribbon treatment or bling or embossing).

Birthdays in July through December:

eliotstamps ..... and scavenge for color combination
resqbarbie ..... and scavenge for a sketch
sarahzoe .....and scavenge for stamps or image (anything close to what you have)
naturecoastcrafter ..... and scavenge for accessories or DP (like a ribbon treatment or bling or embossing)

Here is Jean's sample:

With a little help from my friends, casep, Luvlee, jacqueline, and eliotstamps, from whom I scavenged color combination, sketch, stamp, and embellishments, I put together this card.

color combination: river rock, cool carribean and white from casep
sketch: scsnye11 from eliotstamps
stamp: A Friend by Luvlee
embellishment: jacqueline signature clip treatment

Post your creation to your online gallery or post a picture in the comments section here.
*Use keyword RESQ01 so we can find it easily.*
You can use Mr. Linky here:


  1. Okay, I posted on the wrong post. Just wanted to say thanks for all your work, D. Looks great. Have fun, everyone! And we're up and running! Hoooooray!

  2. It's here, Yay!! My card will be on my blog later, but I linked to my gallery just so I could get it up there. Great job Denise and Jean. This was such a fun challenge.

  3. This is a REALLY fun challenge. Just looking at all the galleries is fun! Zillions of ideas to kick-start your mojo!

  4. Looking great ladies, can't wait to have a chance to play!

  5. LOL....I just posted it on the wrong post too!!! Okeedokee.........I'm linked up on my blog!!

  6. What a great challenge - I can't wait to start hunting!

  7. Hi Jean and all you ResQ ladies!

    Thanks so much for giving us yet another way to continue to be inspired to create great paper projects! I look forward to joining in with you as often as I can!

    I just left my link with Mr Linky and hope you will take a look at my card. My colors came from eliotstamps gallery!

    What a fun scavenger hunt Jean! I loved doing that!!

  8. OMGosh, what a fabulously fun idea....I'm off to play!

  9. Wow! I love the idea of this new blog! I'd love to participate if you ever need someone to help with challenges. Can't wait to get started!
    ~ky {scrapacat on SCS}

  10. I knew that would be fun! It was great looking at everyone's gallery!
    I posted it to my blog and will upload later to SCS!
    Blessings, Maria

  11. Thanks so much for this new blog! I'm a challenge junkie and I was happy to find you! Great first challenge too- I enjoyed looking through all of the galleries. Looking forward to more of your challenges!

  12. Laaadieeees...start your mo-jo's!! We're off to a fun start.

  13. This is my first " date" with Mr. Linky so I hope I did it right!This was a fun challenge..really enjoyed the hunt and the card creating. Thanks a bunch!

  14. Oops..the Anonymous was me..still working on this new fangled techno stuff

  15. Denise this was so fun - thanks for the creative challenge!

  16. This was a great and fun challenge!! I do have a couple of ideas if you are interested...I will e-mail you sometime this weekend!! Love this challenge and I will be back for sure!! You guys should come and check out my challenges sometime....I would love for you guys to play!!! Have a great day!!!!!


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