Friday, July 16, 2010

Don't be a hamburger! RESQ54

SO almost every month around "that time" I get a little anemic. Sometimes it's bad enough that I need some iron pills or I fall asleep standing up! Anemia is basically low red blood cells and happens for a variety of reasons. Some causes are:

1. certain medications may cause anemia
2. diseases such as cancer and rheumatoid arthritis
3. genes - some forms of anemia are inherited (my mother in law has anemia which is prevalent in those of us from the Mediterranean areas of Europe)

Some treatments for Anemia are:
1. blood transfusions (for severe anemia)
2. iron containing medications
3. eating more foods with naturally occurring iron like red meat, dark green vegetables, liver

As for me, I make sure to eat one medium rare hamburger a week! I also have to supplement with a multi vitamin that contains iron.

For this week's challenge you need to keep your red blood cells high by using metal on your card! It can be a metal embellishment, faux metal technique or even stamping on thin metal sheets. One more requirement is to use the color red for your blood cells!

As always, don't forget to use the keyword RESQ54 if you are posting to an online gallery or just use the inlinx below:

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