Friday, July 9, 2010

Drink Your Water! RESQ53

Here on the East Coast we are looking at temperatures in the HIGH 90’s and possible 100’s this week! Yikes! With the temperatures and humidity being so high it’s important not to get dehydrated!

Along with trying to stay cool, you need to be sure you drink enough
fluids. People often blame the heat when they start to get headaches, light-headedness and fatigue. These are often the first signs of dehydration, even if you are not thirsty.

The warm weather encourages people to be outside - working, exercising or just enjoying the sun. All of these activities speed up the loss of body water, with dehydration close behind. Even minimal dehydration (2% to 3%) can negatively impact your physical and mental performance.

Dehydration occurs when the body loses more fluid than it takes in. Dehydration can upset the delicate fluid-salt balance needed to maintain healthy cells and tissues. The human body is generally over 60 percent water. The body works to maintain water balance through mechanisms such as the thirst sensation. When the body requires more water, the brain stimulates nerve centers to encourage a person to drink in order to replenish the water stores.

So here are some tips to stay hydrated in the upcoming hot days:

Tips for Keeping Hydrated

1. Have a glass of water when you first get up.

2. Keep a glass of water next to the bed.

3. Enjoy an herbal tea in the afternoon or evening.

4. Carry water with you if away from home for long periods.

5. Drink before you get thirsty.

6. Limit sugary, caffeinated beverages.

7. Choose drinks with 10 or fewer calories.

Know the signs of dehydration. The best choice for fluid is WATER!

*courtesy of Brigham and Women’s Hospital

So for this week’s challenge we want to see any technique that keeps you hydrated...any technique using water and/or a spritz bottle!

Here are some ideas:

Watercolor Spritz:

Mottled Mist:

Misting with Markers:

Misting with Alcohol Markers:

Watercolor Wash:

Ink, Spray and Smash:

Pearl Ex-Luminous Pearls:

Salted Background:

Here is a sample of the salted background technique I did a while ago....sorry I was swamped this week and didn't have a chance to do a new card!

As always, don't forget to use the keyword RESQ53 if you are posting to an online gallery, or just use the inlinx below:

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  1. oh I hope to play along, this sounds like a really fun challenge!
    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

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