Monday, April 6, 2009

Challenge #3

Our theme for April is Daisies and Diamonds.
Daisies are April's flower and diamonds are the birthstone!

Challenge #3:

This week's challenge is brought to you by our very own JoAnn (sarahzoe):

In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, we won’t see daisies for a couple of months and the only diamonds are the morning sparkles of frost on the mud. So to celebrate the way I spend April, honor your inner child….

take off your shoes and socks and wiggle your toes in the mud.

1. Yup, brown should be one of the main colors used in your creation.

2. Gerbera daisies come in brilliant bright shades of yellow, orange, red and
pink. Choose one of those for your second color.

3. My personal favorite is the white field daisy, so white is your neutral.

4. How many ways are there to use diamonds?

Looking forward to you ~muddy~ creations.

Remember, there are no time limits, vendor restrictions or other rules for the challenge. It's only for fun and inspiration. When uploading your card to Splitcoaststampers, Papercraft Planet, StampTV or any other site, please use the keyword RESQ03. And whenever you upload to a site or you blog, be sure to link back here using so we can all see what you've done!

JoAnn (sarazoe)'s sample:


  1. What a lovely card Joann!
    Splendid challenge! I hope to play along for this one, I love using brown as a base color!!!
    Have a wonderful day ladies!
    Blessings, Maria

  2. Thanks, Maria. I hope you get to play.

    Looking forward to what all those creative minds out there have to offer for this one.

  3. Love this challenge, JoAnn! I have an idea brewing already! :)

  4. awesome challenge's raining so much here today I think my daisies are gonna drown!

  5. beautiful card., will try to play tonight ;)

  6. Apologizing for the looks of the challenge. I forgot to give Denise a title after Challenge #3 and in the last should be your muddy creations. Even retired, the teacher in me won't go away. I need to proofread better the way I always told the students to do.

  7. Okay, I love the mud idea. It rained here today too. I'm thinking of a way to use diamonds. I'll get back to you on this.

  8. This was so fun, I may have to try another! Thanks again JoAnn!

  9. Awesome challenge and card example JoAnn...can't wait to make my "muddy" card.

  10. VERY fun to get to play in the "mud" JoAnn!!!!! LOL

  11. Here's to your mud card, JoAnn--ROFL! Great idea for a challenge. I hope I get all your "instructions" correctly! Thanks--going to play in the mud with Lee!

  12. Here is my card..still not sure if I am linking this correctly..Fun challenge JoAnn..


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