Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our new Theme for May is.....


Check back here on Monday for the Monday challenge! And new for May, a fun and exciting new Tuesday Challenge brought to you by Jacqueline! Come and check it out!


  1. A-HA! Now I've found YOU, too...and I see that a bunch of your naughty co-horts are on your crew! Well I simply cannot WAIT for Monday! I will have plenty to watch now that I've found this little blog, and since your theme is freshly cut...does that mean you are turning over a new leaf into Nice-list-hood, hmmmmm?! See you Monday (bwa-ha-ha...that's an evil laugh right back at you....AND I see guest hosts are welcomed....thinking of an extra-specially nice challenge to submit!!!!!) Hugs, Schirmcat

  2. Sorry Kelly but we are definitely NOT going the good way....check out our newest challenge on Tuesday..."TRASHY TUESDAY!" LOL

  3. Great challenge, Denise. Your sample is delicious and delightful. Pretty swirls. I still need more practice on this technique. Finished one tonight but have to wait for daylight to get the pic.


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