Monday, December 7, 2009

Tag....YOU'RE IT!

In the medical field tags are used on lots of things.....there are tags on IV bags, medication bottles, surgical instruments.....and oh yes, even toe tags on corpses! LOL

One of my favorite things to make for the holidays is gift tags. I know they may seem silly to spend time on something that is going to be ripped off in a rush of excitement but over the years my family has always commented on them and some (ok, my Mom) actually save them every year!

Gift tags can be simple on layer ones, personalized, or intricate pop up ones.

This week my challenge to you is to take some time and make a few gift tags for a few special gifts you will give this holiday. Go for the tri-fecta if you can.....

1. A simple one layer gift tag (I use these for my kids gifts since hey rip them off so quickly!) These are some I've done for the kids this year...

2. A more intricate tag you might put on a small gift to make it seem more important

These have some glitter, layers, paper piecing and the one on the far left that looks old is actually vanilla scented!

3. A very intricate, layered tag...this one may include a gift card, gift certificate or cash!

OK, well these aren't exactly tags....I use these little "purses" to dress up a simple gift card, cash or a check. But they do have tags ON them!

5. And don't forget you can package them up pretty and they make a nice gift for someone who likes to give pretty gifts to others! I sold a BUNCH of these at a craft fair a few weeks ago and still have people asking if I can make more!
Just add a clear pillow box, the cording separately and a nice ribbon. This medium pillow box from Gina K holds 20 gift tags and cording. I sold them for $5 each.

SO let's see how you Tag It!

Please use the keyword RESQ26 if you upload your project to Splitcoaststampers or another online gallery. And don't forget to link your blog or gallery back here in the comments section so we can check out your creations!

Thanks for joining us this week....sorry it's late BTW!


  1. Your tags are terrific, D! I made a couple tags a la Tim Holtz:

  2. Well, this is timely! I need to make some tags right now. I'll get to this as quick as I can.

  3. what a perfect challenge for right now, this I think I have time for! lol
    Thanks Denise!!!
    Blessings, Maria


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