Monday, October 12, 2009

Crackle paint Tutorial

Hi there! Today the Pharmacist
is in the house to give you the Rx!

Here is a fun "prescription" for a great Holiday decoration for your walls!

I have been making alot of frames lately and thought I would give you the how-to on crackle paint!
I made this Spooky Halloween Frame (that I found in the Clearance section at Michael's for $2!) using acrylic Paint and Crackle Paint.

Here are the supplies you will need:

1. 2 different colors of Acrylic Paint (one light and one dark)
2. Crackle Paint (I used Plaid Brand)
3. Foam brushes
4. Wood Frame
5. Assorted stamps (I used Boo To You and Spooky Sweets II from PaperTrey ink)
6. Assorted Embellishments


1. Paint your frame with the color you want to see through the crackle (I used bright Yellow to show through black). Usually this is your darker color
2. Let it dry (or if you are impatient like me use your hairdrier!)

3. Paint over with an even coat of the crackle paint. This will be clear but will leave a shine on top of the color. Make sure you evenly cover it and try not to reapply or paint back and forth.

* see the shine?
4. Let it dry...try to let this coat dry a little longer....In the meantime, stamp out some embellishments to add on your frame. I stamped and cut out a bunch of things not knowing what I may want.

5. Be brave! Paint right over your nice shiny color with your top coat. Again, go for even strokes in one direction. DO NOT keep painting back and forth, you will lose the crackle effect. You will start to see crackles as it dries.

** after 5 minutes of drying....
***see the crackles! :)
6. Embellish your frame as you like!

The felt leaves were self adhesive...
I cut a circle for the moon and stamped the witch on it. Then, I cut a circle the same size out of clear acetate and inked the edges with white craft ink. I attached it behind the frame with a stapler. The other embellishments I added with craft glue dots.

Aren't my little Pirates adorable??

Hope you enjoyed this Prescription...See you next time!


  1. A very 'ghoul' frame Denise!
    Beautiful kiddos!!!
    Blessings, Maria

  2. The kids are adorable and the frame is awesome! Great job, Denise. I don't have any crackle paint; I guess I'll have to get some!

  3. WOW! Very cool! SO glad you shared the tutorial!


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